[I Lotta] Authentic Neapolitan pizza baked in a wood-fired oven is delicious! Dinner is also affordable. Great atmosphere!


It’s a reasonably priced restaurant during dinner time, and has a nice atmosphere rather than an izakaya. And I really want to eat delicious pizza! If so, we recommend this place.

It’s relatively close to the station, and you can go all the way down Gonnosuke Hill past Donki. When you find the signboard, turn left.

I visited early the other day before 6am without a reservation. The seats are fully booked and customers keep arriving one after another, so if you’re on a date, it’s best to make a reservation. Of course, it seems easy to use for women’s groups and coworker groups as well.

With indirect lighting from the ceiling and wooden tables, it doesn’t look cheap, but has a nice atmosphere, and you’ll love it the moment you walk in! I thought.

Best of all, you can see the wood-fired oven roaring from your seat. I can see the firewood burning. The kiln was imported directly from Italy.

This time he ordered Margherita (1,600 yen), Capricciosa (2,100 yen), and Bolognese (1,650 yen, plus 300 yen for a large size). Italian beer 800 yen. Blood orange juice 600 yen. Coke 500 yen, oolong tea 400 yen.

The highlight is the pizza! Instead of taking it out, you should enjoy it here, freshly made from the wood-fired oven! Lunch time is great, but during dinner time the inside of the restaurant is dimly lit and the fire in the kiln creates a really nice atmosphere.

Margaritas are a must. Although I didn’t order it this time, the prosciutto ham Bismarck (1950 yen) also looked delicious.

The portion of pasta is relatively small (100g), so I made it a large portion (150g for an additional 300 yen). I thought I saw it said to be hand-made in some article, but that was incorrect and they used regular pasta instead.

Of course the pasta is delicious, but the pizza here is on a whole other level! Therefore, it is better to eat pizza here. Since it is a so-called medium size, each person can fit one piece at a time. There are also appetizers, but overall the portions are good.

I was looking for a good restaurant for dinner, and I’m glad I found it. Thank you for the meal. I’ll visit you again.

おせちの準備はお済みですか? 我が家はこちらのサイトから、毎年選んで申し込んでます。去年は「東山」にしました。全国の名店を色々選べるし、割引率も高いので便利でおすすめです。

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夜総合点★★★★ 4.0